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Who we are

We are your locally owned and operated Gold Coast Waterproofing & Concrete Cancer Specialists. With over 26 years of experience, we can provide you with a knowledgeable and experienced result. We offer long term solutions that are cost effective.

Originally from Sydney, Chance started out building houses as an apprentice carpenter. With the increase of concrete cancer in 1970's and 80's buildings across waterfront properties in Sydney, Chance specialised in the remedial building trade, where repairing concrete with long lasting results is a specialised skill.

Now, enjoying the beautiful and sunny Queensland, Chance brings his skill and experience to repairing new and older builds. 

Quality Control

All areas of work are completed or overseen by Chance. Taking pride in high quality and cost-effective solutions to make sure no matter how big or small your project is you are given options and kept informed the whole process. 



With building repairs, you still deserve that long term guarantee that you hired the right tradesperson for the job. We offer manufacturer's warranty, labour warranty and Form 43 where required.
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