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Concrete Cancer Repairs

    Concrete cancer - cracking, spalling, rust spots or

          drummy areas, we fix it all types and all level's of deterioration!

Most concrete cancer problem is related to concrete carbonation and low concrete cover. Concrete cancer is invasive and if left for a long period of time it can be an expensive repair. We use cementitious, polymer-modified repair mortars and epoxy-based repair materials, tracing the issue to where it started and maintaining structural integrity.​ 

With the polymer modified repair method we can offer a fixed price where possible or a per litre rate if the cancer has excessively spread. If the right method of treatment and correct products are used, you should have decades more life left in your concrete. The repair method to treat concrete cancer properly includes effective treatment of the structural steel reinforcement bars, continual tracing and removal of cancer affected areas and more.

Have a project manager or engineer? We happily work alongside your specialist,. We also offer waterproofing and coating system solutions once the repair is complete.

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Tell us about your concrete cancer 
or remedial project today.

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Correct Repair

Concrete repairs are becoming more common across the Qld & Northern NSW Coastline due to age and building location.  We use the polymer modified repair system and other methods suitable for your project. 



We offer fixed price quotes where possible or variable solutions as sometimes you are unable to know the extent of the damage until detailed investigation are carried out.  We keep you informed the whole way along so you stay in control of your project.

On-Site Consultations

We come to site to check and investigate how extensive the concrete cancer/ spalling has become. At this point we can assess other areas if needed free of charge.

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The Finishing

Waterproofing and coating systems can be suggested after the concrete repair to maintain concrete longevity.

10 year manufacturing warranty provided.

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Our Quality Guarantee

With 26+ years' experience in Carpentry and Waterproofing and 10+ years working under some of the best remedial companies in Sydney we are proud that we hold extensive repair knowledge in all speciality areas of concrete cancer repairs.

You can be sure that when we quote on your project we are offering the best solution to fix the issue correctly the first time. However, warranties are a necessity now days - so we offer labour, and service warranty, a 10-year manufacturer warranty on waterproofing and coating systems and Form 43 Aspect Certificate (QLD) where required.

You need assurance when completing remedial and spalling projects.

Tell us about your concrete cancer or
remedial project today.

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